BJ & Migs L&L BAND OF THE WEEK: Bobby's Oar

July 9, 2020


When songwriter Greg Hughes left Florida’s insistent sweat for the fresh air of the Pacific Northwest, he was ready to reinvent himself. The first album from Bobby’s Oar titled ‘The Weeds In Your Garden’ captured a sincere sense of optimism, adventure, and overall positivity.

The second album ‘Not What I’m Looking For’ makes sense of a world immediately around him, instead of looking ahead or behind. Despite what sometimes seems like heavy themes, these songs seem cathartic in their energy, and rewarding in their simplicity.

Last year, Bobby’s Oar released a new EP titled ‘Knots’, which depicts the project in a more traditional rock band setting.

Line up for ‘Knots’ EP:
Greg Hughes - Singer/songwriter
Kyle Latham - Guitar
Adam France - Bass / Vocals
Tyler Colton - Keys
Jonny Modes - Drums

The songs harness a raw energy, and pack an even more emotive punch in a live setting. The band has strong punk elements mixed into the lineup, but also fits very well in the folk/folk punk worlds.

Bobby’s Oar reveals a songwriter less concerned with the journey, and more interested in what it means. Songs that make you want to get out of bed in the morning.