BJ & Migs L&L BAND OF THE WEEK: Dirty Dirty

July 30, 2020

Photo by Jake Hanson (@trulybogus on IG)



After three years of regional tours supporting two EPs, the “loudest rhythm section in Seattle” began work on a full length album feeling they had discovered a channel for heavy, noisy fuzz rock that complimented the lyrical and vocal energy of their song writing, as well as moving towards a less formal sense of the art. The hard hitting, seductive, and raw elements within their music have been inspired by classic and modern Glam, Indie, Stoner, Metal and Punk predecessors like The Stooges, Kyuss, Le Butcherettes, Melvins, Metz, Soundgarden, making every hit a rebuttal to the subtle oppression of passive aggression and ghost culture in a growing tech city.