BJ & Migs L&L BAND OF THE WEEK: Carnotaurus

September 15, 2019


NEXT SHOW: Friday October 11th - Carnotaurus/Veriteras/Rites of Yama @ Le Voyeur in Olympia (404 4th Ave E, Olympia, Washington 98501)

Carnotaurus are a Mesozoic Death Metal band hailing from the Seattle area who have been gigging around Washington and Oregon since 2011. Their sound is firmly rooted in classic death metal, with healthy doses of thrash, grindcore, sludge and whatever other creative inspirations manage to seep through. These influences coalesce and are filtered through the primordial atmosphere of the pacific northwest  to create an unstoppable sonic predator every bit as heavy and ferocious as the Dinosaurs that are the subject of most Carnotaurus songs.

The band, consisting of Travis the Virus (guitar/vocals) Brad Navratil (drums) and Kris Novak (bass), has just released the EP Wrath of the Flesh Eating Bull. Recorded by local metal engineer extraordinaire Cody Brumlow, the EP contains Carnotaurus’ best recordings to date, marking their return to the northwest music scene with a mighty roar worthy of their namesake. Expect Carnotaurus to spread their raw, brutal, prehistoric death metal sound across the region with more recordings and live shows throughout the coming year.