BJ & Migs L&L BAND OF THE WEEK: Karmic Unrest

October 17, 2019


NEXT SHOW : Friday October 18th at the High Dive (Record Release show) - w/ Ten Miles Wide, Shame Banger

Seattle-based hard rock/punk/soul quintet Karmic Unrest is the brainchild of bassist/composer Shane Smith. Emerging from the remnants of the grunge era, Smith's lyrical, melodic blend of heavy grooves and progressive riffs is animated by a roster of accomplished musicians; guitarist/vocalist RL Heyer (Cracker Factory, Your Sweet Action), vocalist/frontwoman Ayesha "Musicbox" Brooks (The Voice, Musicbox Project), guitarist Tony Stevens (The Double Cross Committee, Uncle Pooch) and drummer Brian Oppel (Kled). 
Karmic Unrest released their debut recording The Ambivalence Of The Sacred in the spring of 2017 on indie label The IBCT. The EP consists of five tracks of unapologetic heavy rock with catchy melodies, quick-fingered guitar solos and lyrics describing the effects of classism, greed, karma, and rebirth. The Ambivalence of the Sacred also features a blazing saxophone solo by Skerik (Les Claypool's Frog Brigade, Skerik'sBandalabra) and the gritty vocals of Matt Bentley (Devils Hunt Me Down), expanding the Karmic Unrest roster on two tracks. 

With a couple of personnel changes the quintet is primed to release a new EP in the fall of 2019.  Drew Locke (Urban Achievers) succeeds Oppel behind the drum kit and as RL Heyer moves into the primary role of producer for the band he passes the torch to Casey Berg (Hundred Loud) to fill his spot in KU’s guitar tandem.  The new recording titled Upright Or Upside Down wields darker tones, heavier riffs, a firey vocal performance from Brooks and the usual soaring, melodic guitar solos.