BJ & Migs L&L BAND OF THE WEEK: Low Hums

January 8, 2019


Jan 18th at Alma Mater in Tacoma With Kinski 

Jan 25th Parliament Tavern in West Seattle 

Jan 30th South Seattle Roller Rink (White Center)


Low Hums ! They sound like a awesome psychedelic garage band that play great, great music. Even the little kids dig them. Low Hums write and play songs that seem to draw from several influences. Here's a crack at the recipe.. Add one part early 60's West Coast psychedelic  I.e. The Seeds, Chocolate Watch Band, Buffalo Springfield, Jefferson Airplane are a few to name. ((Think more underground 60's acts not the majors.)) Now add some East Coast. garage grit .. Velvet Underground, Stooges and a pinch of Bob Dylan's story telling. That will get you close. Low Hums also get into psych jams, twangy riffs, out-of-body guitar solos, and drum solos. Even some punkier songs about food, ghosts and skateboarding. Ok complete circle back to modern west coast culture, born and raised in a basement practice space in Seattle.

Low Hums have recorded 4 full length LP's which have been released in the US by Everett based label Union Zero, and one in 2018 on Germany's Kozmik Artifactz.  From 2013 to 2018 they have toured the western half of the US 7 times, playing festivals such as Off Beat (Reno), HOCO Fest (Tucson), Gathering Fest (Darrington), Fisherman's Music Festival (Everett), SXSW (Austin), San Juan Music Fest (Friday Harbor), Folklife (Seattle) and to many to count clubs, bars, houses, bookstores and basements.

We closed out 2018 with a October west coast tour and another full length LP recorded!. This time with Father John Misty's best sound man aka Trevor Spencer at the controls. While we can’t give to many details on the new record let us just say it’s “more thrilling” and “ had many, many alchemical moments” in it’s recording process. “We pushed the bookends into Krautrock, and Grateful Dead like psychedelic/country … “ The record will be released via Union Zero in the spring of 2019.   

Low Hums are : Sanoj Sniksah, Miles Panto, Mike Bayer and now on bass John Faryer.