BJ & Migs L&L BAND OF THE WEEK: Post/Boredom

November 14, 2019


Forged from the fires of Friendship, Post/Boredom from Seattle, Washington has been a band for, well quite some time now. A band influenced by their enviornment and peers alike, calling back to the days when Seattle was loud and weird, before the condo's loomed over us. After years of performing together, the energy of each performance still seems urgent, and every note being struck intentful and important.

Influences all over the place, Post/Boredom does not shy away from the classic Pacific Northwest sound akin to acts like the almighty Harkonen, Murder City Devils, and to say they've not been influenced by Nirvana would be a lie. Riddled with humor ala bands like the Butthole Surfers or noise rock legends the Jesus Lizard, Post/Boredom is a band that reminds you that there are goofballs behind bizzare noise and intricate riffs.

The follow up to 'Shaking Hands with Clients' is a well tuned, finely oiled machine. Having honed in on the sound they were looking for, "Ritualistic Time Abuser" (Out early Fall on Hex records) leaves their mark in the Seattle music scene.