BJ & Migs L&L BAND OF THE WEEK: Southworth

August 15, 2018

Janelle Spear


Blending new age dreamy washed out sounds with the grungy northwest rock that they’ve grown up on, Southworth has been making a name for themselves in the Northwest music scene. With members from all over the puget sound, Southworth is based in Tacoma and has played shows all over Washington and Oregon, put out music videos, and self-released two EP’s in the 2 years that they’ve been a band. 

Southworth started as an idea back in 2014 between singer/guitarist Legacy Bonner and guitarist Nick Nietfield, but due to lack of members and time between their current music projects, the band didn’t become serious until drummer Dakota Keener joined in 2016. The three of them began to write songs that would later appear on their debut EP, “Wilt”. During that writing process the band picked up Arda Alev as bassist and shortly after, released “Wilt” in October of 2016.

During the winter of 2017, the band began the writing process for a new EP. Wanting to maintain their familiar sound but also wanting to convey a sense of maturity and growth in their songwriting, Southworth released a 3-Song EP titled “Someone You’d Rather Be” in January of 2017. A showcase of their newly expanded and matured dreamscape rock sound mixed with hard hitting and driving riffs from the member’s hardcore punk backgrounds.

During the recording process of “Someone You’d Rather Be”, the band incorporated a lot of new instruments and added guitar layers that they had never used before. To recreate these new sounds live, the band recruited Ryan Brooks to handle extra guitar parts, synths, keys, and any other vibes that help create the full sound that the band strives for.

Since the addition of their 5th member, Southworth has been laying low, only playing a couple shows each month, and is currently writing for a new release they are aiming to put out in late fall of this year. After releasing new music, the band plans to tour the west coast and release an acoustic session of various songs as well. 

You can listen to Both “Wilt” and “Someone You’d Rather Be” on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, iTunes, Bandcamp and any other online streaming platform.