BJ & Migs L&L BAND OF THE WEEK: Sun Mother

July 11, 2018


NEXT SHOW: Monday July 16th @ Chop Suey w/ Tom Esch and Professor Sweater (7pm)

Sun Mother is an up and coming grunge/funk trio made up of Colbi Childs, Katrina Andersen & David Bareno. Formed in 2017, originally hailing from the land of Jimi Hendrix in Renton, WA they now live/jam in the Seattle proper area. They are an active band practicing/recording at their home away from home in the old Rainier Brewery in SODO and play out regularly in Seattle and surrounding areas where they have befriended bands like Woodshed, Devils Hunt Me Down, Artemis Moon and Asterhouse.

Sun Mother has released 3 songs so far and they are working tirelessly to finish up their current 5 song EP and have big plans following. The first single off their EP is called "Respectfully" and is available with their other songs "Pick yourself up" & "Time" at

Both the front man and front lady of Sun Mother are both recovering opiate addicts who play music and work hard in the scene to encourage the addicts that still suffer. They believe in the power of artistic passion and community, and love being apart of the music scene in Seattle. They hope to inspire a healthy shift in consciousness through music to wake our city up! If you like heavy rhythms, powerful melodies and like to groove, then Sun Mother is just for you. With reminiscent tones of Seattle 90's grunge mixed with a Jimi Hendrix groove, they have a sound that’ll make you wanna headbang. Keep an eye out for Sun Mother and their Tease EP being released soon. 

You can find them on the interwebs at Instagram: @sunmotherseattle &