BJ & Migs L&L BAND OF THE WEEK: Woodshed

March 20, 2019


Hunter Venturo - Guitar and vocals

Jacob Turner - Drums

Nathan Reno - Bass

NEXT SHOW: May 4th at The Anchor in Everett, Wa

WOODSHED is a power trio hailing from the north end (specifically Stanwood and Arlington). Originally formed back in '08 with Hunter and some high school friends, WOODSHED has steadily evolved into what you hear today. With Jake joining Hunter in 2013 and Nathan close behind in 2014, the group has polished their heavy hitting sound and begun breaking ground on new and conceptually heavy musical adventures.

With over a decade's worth of music under their collective belt, they've got a wide variety of sounds to offer. This is most recently demonstrated on their newest album "Between the Dreams" (released March 15, 2019). From gritty, powerful guitar and bass and thundering drums to more melodic and soulful sounds, there's something for everyone.

In 2017, WOODSHED began working with Strange Earth Studio for tracking their most recent album, and with Justin Davis as their skillful sound engineer. Following the recent release of "Between the Dreams", the WOODSHED boys plan on hitting the road and sharing their music with as many people as possible.