Loud and Local Playlist for 4/11/2016

April 17, 2016

Loud and Local 

Playlist for 4/11/2016

Rest, Repose – The Generator
He Whose ox is Gored – Omega
Ayron Jones and the Way – Baptized in Muddy Waters
Great Falls – Constant Themes of Concrete
Great Falls – Copper Boneless
Sandrider – Mountain Song (Jane’s Addiction)
Sandrider – The Children
Deep Sea Diver – Notice Me
Year of the Cobra – The Black Sun
Power – In Stride
Odd Man Out – Pound for Pound
The Devils Of Loudun – Cast the Stone
The Guns of Barisal – Domovoi
Greenriver Thrillers – Power Troll
King Dude and Chelsea Wolfe – Be Free