Loud and Local Playlist for August 27th, 2017

August 31, 2017

Van Eps – Blood
The Exquisites – Faith
Substratum – Curse of the Soothsayer Part 3: King in a Grave
Skelator – King of Fear
Old Iron – Friday Glendale 
Old Iron – Maelstrom of the Black Tempest
Old Iron – Nightmare Tooth
Breag Naofa – XII
X Suns – You’ve Been Asleep
Windowpane – Words and Nothing More
Amsterdam – Going Down
Dangg – Good and Pissed
UN – The Tomb Of All Things
Thunderbeast – All Came Down
Year of the Cobra – Lion and the Unicorn
Lo’ There – Veil
Lo’ There – In My Head
Rest, Repose - Polaris