Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday December 29th, 2019

w/ in-studio guests The Requisite

December 31, 2019

Black Breath - I Am Beyond
Black Breath - Seed Of Cain

The Requisite Interview
The Requisite - Day Dream
The Requisite - D.N.R
The Requisite - Walk Away
The Requisite - Tell Me
The Requisite - Silent November
The Requisite - Elevators

Post/Boredom - Sleep It Off
Celia - Dandy Lyin'
Celia - Formidable
Wyatt Olney and the Wreckage - Silver Bullet
Year Of The Cobra - Battle Of White Mountain
Intisaar - Unabated
Dragged Under - Instability
College Radio - Shine On
blackQueen - Calefactorum Occulta