Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday February 16th, 2020

w/ in-studio guests Pain Field

February 18, 2020

Bad Animals - All The Shakes
Final Body - Life Prison
Always Naked - Me & You

Pain Field Interview
Pain Field - Promised Land
Pain Field - Shattered World
Pain Field - Apologies
Pain Field - The Masses

They Walk Among Us - Burning Road
They Walk Among Us - Witch Girl
Aurora's Eyes - Strife
Izthmi - To Traipse Alone
Mangy - Post Post Feminist
Mangy - Mooch
SixGun - Lonely Man
Dragged Under - The Real You
The Diploids - Fixit
The Classic Crime - Miles and Miles
By All Means - Harsh Reality
Toxic Reign - Fight
Post/Boredom - Sleep It Off
Yellfire - Lara Flynn Boyle