Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday February 2nd, 2020

w/ in-studio guests Nox Novacula

February 3, 2020

Final Body - Curtains
Dusty Cubby - Leak
Dusty Cubby - Gartus

Nox Novacula Interview
Nox Novacula - The Path
Nox Novacula - Light Below
Nox Novacula - Waiting For The Fall
Nox Novacula - Hitchhiker
Nox Novacula - Drug

Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage - Silver Bullet
2Klix - Maggot
Rat King - Stranded
Pound - .x..^..x-x..^..x-x..^..x-x..^..x-
At The Heart Of The World - A Prison
Dragged Under - The Real You
Dragged Under - Chelsea
Dead Rebel Saints - Leap Of Faith
Sun Mother - Respectfully
Twasmonaut - Something Right
The Drowns - One More Pint
The Loss - December 8th
Seaweed - Free Drug Zone