Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday January 5th, 2020

w/ in-studio guests Waking Things

January 6, 2020

Glenn Cannon and the Damage Done - Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper cover)
Glenn Cannon and the Damage Done - Criminal (Fiona Apple cover)
Midnight Daughter - Moon Dust
Detönatör‎ - Rock N' Roll
Burn Burn Burn - Nemesis House
Darkness Stole The Sky - End Of Your Rope
Clay City - Better Weather
Duke Evers - Slow Dive
Aisha - Watch Me Drown
Crossing Crusades - Creatures
Indian Goat - Be Your Seer
Actionesse - I Want Doubts
Devilwood - Cold Sunlight
Celia - Dandy Lyin

Waking Things interview
Waking Things - Crushed
Waking Things - Alive
Waking Things - Capitolism
Waking Things - Don't Be A Monster
Waking Things - That Rotting Feeling

Slow Code – Battlemage