Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday November 24th, 2019

w/ in studio guests City of Industry / "The Beating Heart" benefit show

November 26, 2019

Second Coming - Vintage Eyes
Brad - The Day Brings
Kids On Fire - Next Stop Anxiety

City Of Industry Interview
City Of Industry - The Best of You
City Of Industry - Animal Pharm
City Of Industry - Oppressive Like Thunder
City Of Industry - Hold Me Like a Grudge
City Of Industry - As The Moon Follows
City Of Industry - Spite Me

Year Of The Cobra - Demons
Isenordal - Of Winged Fire and Crawling Shadow
Big Bite - Still Haunts Me

Celia - Electric Rage
Celia - Formidable
Virginia Street Revival - The Noose
Ten Miles Wide - Gotta Go
Palooka - Roll On