Loud and Local Playlist for June 30th, 2019

w/ in studio guests Travis Bracht (10pm) and Land of Wolves (11pm)

July 1, 2019

Bruiser Brody – Leave
Bruiser Brody – Everyone’s Dead
Palooka – Our Time Is Now

Travis Bracht Interview
Travis Bracht – Love Is Just Religion 
Travis Bracht – Wrapped In My Memory 
Travis Bracht – The One

The Sky Giants – Shifting Of Phaseworld
Pound – x..^..x-x..^..x-x..^..x-x..^..x-
Woodshed – Between the Dreams

Land Of Wolves Interview
Land Of Wolves – Counterfeit Coin 
Land Of Wolves – Drown Alone 
Land Of Wolves – Excuses 
Land Of Wolves – Rat Heap 
Land Of Wolves – Taking Teeth