Loud and Local Playlist for June 4th, 2017

With in-studio guests DIRTY DIRTY & Ten Miles Wide

June 5, 2017

Rest Repose “Polaris”

Wyatt Olney & the Wreckage “Welcome to Seattle”

Dirty Dirty “Deadline”

Dirty Dirty “Weight of the Wounded”

Dirty Dirty “So Wild”

Devils Hunt Me Down “Rusty Nail”

Dirty Dirty “Tick Tick Tick”

Dirty Dirty “Catastrophe Roof”

Windowpane “Legends and Liars”

Staticland “Never Look Back”

Ten Miles Wide “The Gross”

Ten Miles Wide “The Mothership”

The Mothership “Orb”

The Oswald Effect “Steal the Stars”

OMNI “Breakfast of Champions”

Chris Cornell “Disappearing One”