Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday August 11th, 2019

w/ in studio guests The Rainiers

August 13, 2019

Crossing Crusades – Creatures
Demon Hunter – Leave Me Alone
The Sharp Teeth – AK-47

The Rainiers Interview
The Rainiers – Suit and Tie
The Rainiers – Dead Wolf
The Rainiers – Flat Back Suitcase 
The Rainiers – Eighties Babies
The Rainiers – To The Ground We Go

Waking Things – Don’t Be A Monster
Dragged Under – Hypochondria 
Dead Bars – I Need You
Carnotaurus – Ankylosaur Combat 
Kyberox – Strawberry Wizard
Stoic FB – Ultrasoundcheck 
Glenn Cannon – The Long And Lonely Hard Goodbye 
Stoned Evergreen Travelers – Hand Of God
Witchburn – Der Hexenhammer