Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday February 11th, 2018

February 13, 2018

Ten Miles Wide – Gotta Go
Omni – Spiral Arms
Blue Helix – Anti-Social Butterfly 
Blue Helix – Runaways
Midday Veil – Babel
Aloha Mars – Last November
Substratum – The Source Of All Creation 
Rat King – Fire
Woodshed – Self Taught
Wounded Giant – Vae Victis
Sanctuary – Soldiers Of Steel
Wake Of Humanity – Living In The Shadow Of A Grotesque Lie
Lower Species – Waste
F’d and Bound – Terror
Lo’ There – Pound For Pound
Year Of The Cobra – Burn Your Dead
Feed – Different Life
Casual Hex – Dry Spell
Eye Of Nix – Toll On
Un – Soul Marasmus