Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday February 17th, 2019

w/ special guests Half A Shadow

February 19, 2019

Green River – Together We’ll Never 
Kyberox – Strawberry Wizard

Half A Shadow Interview 
Half A Shadow – Take Me
Half A Shadow – Live In Love
Half A Shadow – Tell Me Something Good
Half A Shadow – Other Days

Into The Storm – Murder Murder Murder
Lo’ There – Ten 
Solicitor – Nightstalker
Four Lights – We Got ‘Em
Yellfire – We’re Not Saints
The Sky Giants – Iota
The Sky Giants – The Shifting Of Phaseworld
Stoic FB – Ultrasoundcheck 
Great Falls – The Accelerationalist
Goon – Mobius Suffering
Theories – Human Vessel Cell 
Burn Burn Burn – Nemesis House 
The Home Team – Fashion Forward