Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday February 3rd, 2019

w/ in studio guest Scorpiknox

February 6, 2019

Omni – Spiral Arms
Midday Veil – Babel
Great Falls – Baldessari Height 
The Accused A.D. – Juego Terminado

Scorpiknox Interview 
Scorpiknox – Gossip 
Scorpiknox – Prince of the Blood
Scorpiknox – The Professor 
Scorpiknox – Under The Skin 
Scorpiknox – Venom

Heir Apparent – The Door 
Half A Shadow – Take Me
Post Boredom – Hetfield Ulrich
2Klix – Maggot
2Klix – Cut Both Ways
Ancestors of God – Tidal Wave
Yellfire – We’re Not Saints
Witch Ripper – The Witch
Bruiser Brody – Still Waiting
Good Touch – One Hundred Years
Hilltop Rats – The Older I Get
Projections On A Wall – Fortune Cookie
Intisaar – Unabated