Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday January 22nd, 2017

w/ special in-studio guests WYATT OLNEY AND THE WRECKAGE

January 26, 2017

Witchburn – Warning to the Weak
Year Of The Cobra – Vision Of Three
Moneta – The Jackal & The Lion
Moneta – All My Fault
Compass & Knife – The Setting Of The Old Sun
Wyatt Olney And The Wreckage – Off The Wagon
Wyatt Olney and The Wreckage – Phantoms 
Wyatt Olney and the Wreckage – Save Me
Infinite Flux – Ashes
A Sense Of Gravity – Shadowed Lines
Lo’ There – Veil
CZAR – Arachnocondriac
CZAR – Vultures Never Eat In Peace
RVIVR – The Tide
The Exquisites – Count On Me
Criminal Code – Dilemmas
Dust Moth – Lift 
Cold Truth – Rage Inside 
Botch – C. Thomas Howell As The Soul Man
Mos Generator – Easy Evil
Waxwing – All Of My Prophets