Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday July 2nd, 2017

w/ special guests HELMS ALEE and HE WHOSE OX IS GORED

July 5, 2017

Kiss the Gunner’s Daughter – Still Here

Kiss the Gunner’s Daughter – Make it Through

Helms Alee – Meats and Milks

He Whose Ox Is Gored – Omega

Helms Alee – Worth Your Wild

He Whose Ox Is Gored – Zelatype

He Whose Ox Is Gored – Paralyzer

Grindline The Band – Digging Ditches and Burning Bridges

The Tubuloids – B Double E Double R U N

The Fakies – Purkiss Rose Sucks

Substratum – Who Am I?

Year Of The Cobra – Lion and the Unicorn

 - MxPx Interview -

MxPx – Doing Time

MxPx – Let It Happen

MxPx – What’s Mine is Yours

MxPx – Two Whole Years

MxPx – Heard That Sound

MxPx – Take On Me (Aha cover)

Dust Moth – Night Wave​