Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday June 16th, 2019

w/ special guests Barbarian Wasteland

June 18, 2019

Summoned By Giants - Dying Wish 
Teepee Creeper - Ashes Of The Northwest

Barbarian Wasteland Interview
Barbarian Wasteland - Dragon Fire
Barbarian Wasteland - Sanctuary 
Barbarian Wasteland - The Battle Of Bloody Hill

Quiiet - Betty
The Thrill - Come With Me
Skelator - Highlander 
Pound - x_--_+_--_x_--.+_--_x_--+_--
Theories - Human Vessel Cell
Method 13 - Fictional Paradise
Crossing Crusades - Gravity
Die Nasty - Come Back
Dragged Under - Here For War
Isenordal - Of Winged Fire and Crawling Shadow
Sundodger - Like Me