Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday June 2nd, 2019

w/ special guest Clinton "Dogger" Mullins

June 4, 2019

Method 13 - Watch It Die 
Blood and Thunder - The Deadly One

Clinton Mullins Interview
Gebular - Join The System
Gebular - Numb
Fishing With Bigfoot - Radiation Rain 
Fishing With Bigfoot - Zombie 
Dogger - Self Destructive Muse

The Home Team - Fashion Forward
Helms Alee - Be Rad Tomorrow
Duke Evers - Slow Dive
Into The Storm - Ghostmaker 
X Suns - Twelve Hours
Splitting Silence - Feeding My Desire
Splitting Silence - Frozen In Time
Head Honcho - Cloak and Sceptor 
Isenordal - A Gallows Prayer
Pound - --x--xxx--xx--x--xxx--xxx
Hilltop Rats - The Older I Get
The Replicators - Positive View