Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday March 10th, 2019

w/ special guests Acid Teeth

March 14, 2019

Loud Sleepers - Holographic Love
Bad Animals - All The Shakes 
Sun Mother - Pick Yourself Up
Deathbed Confessions - Showing Teeth

Acid Teeth Interview
Acid Teeth - All About Me
Acid Teeth - Paranoia
Acid Teeth - Skate and Destroy
Acid Teeth - Tie Your Own Rope
Acid Teeth - Suicide
Acid Teeth - X-Ray Glasses

Kyberox - Blast
The Young Go Hards - What Are You, From Here?
Bruiser Brody - Everyone's Dead
Woodshed - Between the Dreams
Woodshed - Lost My Mind
Pearl Jam - Not For You
Dirty Dirty - So Wild
Duke Evers- Slow Dive
Warrel Dane - As Fast As The Others
Goon - Mobius Suffering
Shook Ones - Rhymes with Robbed