Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday March 3rd, 2019

w/ in studio guests Woodshed

March 6, 2019

Duke Evers – Slow Dive
Wild Powwers – Buff Stuff

Woodshed Interview
Woodshed – Between The Dreams 
Woodshed – Booze N Money 
Woodshed – The Storm 
Woodshed – Lost My Mind
Woodshed – On The Run
Woodshed – Waiting For You To Come Home

Emery – Shame
Bad Animals – All The Shakes
Burn Burn Burn – Nemesis House
Seaweed – Start With 
Shaolin Hunks – I’ll Always Love You, Frank
Shaolin Hunks – The Guy She Saved
Thunders Of Wrath - Forevergreen
Demon Hunter – Leave Me Alone
Culprit – Fight Back
Solicitor – Nightstalker 
The Accused A.D. – Juego Terminado