Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday May 19th, 2019

w/ in-studio guests Ten Miles Wide

May 22, 2019

Helms Alee - Heavy Worm Burden 
The Missionary Position - Here Comes The Machine

Ten Miles Wide Interview
Ten Miles Wide - The Mothership 
Ten Miles Wide - Gotta Go 
Ten Miles Wide - The Gross
The Mothership - Orb
Intisaar - Unabated 
Walking Papers - Death On The Lips
The Famished - What A Relief
Ten Miles Wide - Dandruff

Monsterwatch - Brain Twist
Dead Bars - I'm A Regular
Dead Bars - I Need You
Actionesse - Unplanned Obsolecence
Burn Burn Burn - Nemesis House
Duke Evers - Slow Dive
Pound - x..^..x-x..^..x-x..^..x-x..^..x-
Aloha Mars - On The Weekend 
Slow Code – Battlemage