Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday May 26th, 2019

w/ in-studio guests Great Falls

May 28, 2019

Dead Bars - I Need You
The Sky Giants - Dream Receiver

Great Falls Interview
Great Falls - The Accelerationist
Great Falls - Not For Sale Bodies
Great Falls - Kettle Logic
Great Falls - I Go To Glory 
Great Falls - Our Lonley Old Year
Great Falls - Baldessari Height

Summoned By Giants - Dying Wish 
Bruiser Brody - Leave 
Creative Destruction - I Feel Fine
Always Naked - Ocean
Monsterwatch - Big Sin
Monsterwatch - Brain Twist
Half A Shadow - Take Me
The Moon Is Flat - Maybe I'd Be Alright
The Black Tones - Ghetto Spaceship 
Ancestors Of God - Tidal Wave
2Klix - Maggot
Pound - x_--_+_--_x_--.+_--_x_--+_--