Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday November 10th, 2019

w/ special guests Post/Boredom

November 12, 2019

The Murder City Devils – Press Gang

Post/Boredom Interview
Post/Boredom – Everything Avoider
Post/Boredom – Sleep It Off
Post/Boredom – Limb Alert
Post/Boredom – Western Avenue
Post/Boredom – Purgatory for Magickal Malpractice
Post/Boredom – Impossibly Grim

Quayde Lahue – Before The Storm
Karmic Unrest – Ugly and Obscene
Wyatt Olney and the Wreckage – Silver Bullet
Yellfire – Lara Flynn Boyle
Yellfire – 10 Years
Celia – Formidable
Woodshed – Between the Dreams
Glenn Cannon and the Damage Done – The Void
Superfekta – Escape
The Requisite – Day Dream
Year Of The Cobra – Battle Of White Mountain