Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday November 25th, 2018

w/ special guests KLAW

November 28, 2018

Method 13 – Fictional Paradise 
Witch Ripper – The Witch

KLAW interview
KLAW - Blood Drunk 
KLAW - Storm 
KLAW - Sad State 
KLAW - Hendrix

Chastity Belt – Joke
Waxwing – All Of My Prophets
Junebugs – December
Crossing Crusades – March On
Bruiser Brody – Everyone’s Dead 
Bruiser Brody – Still Waiting
Thunders Of Wrath – Danger Dank
Year Of The Cobra – When The Tigers Broke Free (Pink Floyd cover)
Wake Of Humanity – The New Storm 
Stealing Axion – Artificial Empathy