Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday November 5th, 2017

November 9, 2017

Bruiser Brody – Don’t Go There On Your Own
Devils Hunt Me Down – A Stark Winter
Young Go Hards – What Are You, From Here?
Hobosexual – Trans Am Sunday
Hobosexual – Monsterbater
Hobosexual – Dimensional Beard
Hobosexual – Monolith
Van Eps – Blood
Thunderbeast – All Came Down 
Thunderbeast – Blood Eagle
Red Fang – Living In Lye
Lo’ There – In My Head
A Sense Of Gravity – Guise of Complacency 
The Gits – Second Skin
The Murder City Devils – Press Gang
Dirty Dirty – Catastrophe Roof
Dirty Dirty – Weight Of The Wounded
Year Of The Cobra – Burn Your Dead
Dangg – Good and Pissed
X Suns – Twelve Hours
Skelator – Sword Of The Dawn