Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday October 7th, 2018

w/ special guests Mercy Parker

October 9, 2018

The Replicators - Positive View
Method13 - Hate Inside

Mercy Parker Interview
Mercy Parker - Shores
Mercy Parker - Suit Yourself
Mercy Parker - Great Escape 
Mercy Parker - Friend Or Foe
Mercy Parker - I'm In Over My Head

Hobosexual - Sunset Adieu
Mudhoney - Nerve Attack
Mudhoney - Night and Fog
Slow Code - Put A Burden On It
Substratum - By Any Means
Substratum - The Source Of All Creation
Substratum - Night Sweats
Teepee Creeper - Ashes Of The Northwest
Shook Ones - Night Blind
MxPx - Let's Ride
Four Lights - We Got 'Em
Wake Of Humanity - Bled Dry 
Wyatt Olney and The Wreckage - Blood Red