Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday September 15th, 2019

w/ MKB Ultra (Hour 1) and Nick Mardon Trio (Hour 2)

September 16, 2019

Final Body - Curtains
DedElectric - Patriot
Maklak - The Big Boss

MKB Ultra Interview
MKB Ultra - Dress for the End of Time
MKB Ultra - Paper Tiger, Sacred Cow
MKB Ultra - Mind Loser
MKB Ultra - Before You Sink
MKB Ultra - Meet Me In The Trees
MKB Ultra - Before You Sink
MKB Ultra - Something's Coming

Actionesse - I Want Doubts

Nick Mardon Trio Interview
Nick Mardon Trio - Unstable
Nick Mardon Trio - Waiting for the Rain
Nick Mardon Trio - Can't Say My Name

Wyatt Olney and the Wreckage - Welcome To Seattle
Burn Burn Burn - Nemesis House
The Young Evils - Renegades
The Swaggerlies - Disco Cocaine