Loud & Local Exclusive Premiere: Devils Hunt Me Down: "Rusty Nail"

April 25, 2017

Hi friends!

Stoked to be telling you about one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands! Huge thanks to my good friend Kevin Diers for giving me the mainframe cybersphere access so I can share this important message about this awesome song.

(TLDR, go to the bottom and LISTEN! Also, come to High Dive this Friday for a STACKED local line-up!)

Devils Hunt Me Down has been making a name for themselves in Seattle over the past 7+ years, putting the FUN (and guitar spins!) back in rock-n-roll. In the process, they’ve managed to pioneer TWO new genres at once: Dance-Bang (named after the phenomenon of not knowing whether to dance or headbang when you hear their super heavy grooves. As of publishing, they are the only known band in this category), AND Cascadian Dirt Rock (more self-explanatory. I’d say Woodshed also falls into this category).

The song I’m premiering is called Rusty Nail. It’s a super catchy tribute to a dude who started this awesome-sounding gathering out on the coast where a bunch of friends get together to get weird. I’ve never been to this particular gathering, but man do I love getting weird with my friends. Sign me up!

I remember the first time I saw them play this live. They were playing the Sunset in Ballard with Ten Miles Wide (who you can see at #Pain2017!) towards the end of last summer. Now here’s what I need you to understand. For my money, Chris Bicknell is the COOLEST guitarist to watch on stage. (Jake from Ten Miles Wide and Tony from Windowpane are definitely up there too, but Chris does guitar spins and wears LED light up shoes. Plus this is about his band, so he gets the nod here!)

At the Sunset I was standing on Chris’s side of the stage which was customary up until that point cuz of the aforementioned guitar spins:

(Iron Mike is the Devils Hunt Me Down of photography: completely awesome in every way!)

When they got to the end of this new song Rusty Nail, I completely started spazzing out with excitement- jumping uncontrollably and screaming expletives at their bassist Ian for his MIND-BLOWING poppin’ and slappin’ at the end of this song. It was so incredible that I’ve stood on his side of the stage every time I’ve seen them since (I believe 4 times…?), just for that part!

I repeat: I intentionally stand on the opposite side of the dude SPINNING HIS GUITAR around his neck and bouncing around kickin his light-up shoes all over the place, in order to fully immerse myself in the absolute clinic that Ian puts on on bass!!

There's rad bass-playing all over this song, but the part I’m talking about picks up right after the 4:00 mark and REALLY goes into overdrive at 4:47. On the recorded version it blends together beautifully with the other instruments. It's an excellent mix. However… I highly recommend treating yourself to the first-person, bass-heavy mix!!!

You can do that by coming to their EP release show this Friday at High Dive, standing right next to me in the front row directly in front of Ian, and dance-banging your ass off to some of the craziest bass playing you’ll ever witness!

Without further ado (okay wait, just a little more ado- CRANK YOUR SPEAKERS!), I give to you: RUSTY NAIL!!!

Taken from “In Medias Res II” by Devils Hunt Me Down.

Get the album this Friday 4/28/17 at their EP Release show with Year of the Cobra, Woodshed, and Hundred Loud. High Dive in Fremont. 8pm.

See you there!

-Matt Koch