Loud & Local Video Premiere: "Easy Way Out" by The Mothership

October 4, 2017

What’s up Rockaholics! Matt Koch here, with a guest Loud and Local post!

This past Friday at the High Dive we sent Ten Miles Wide into song-writing hibernation in style! My friend Iris captured this video when they got to the last song “Piranha Piñata” and invited the crowd up on stage at the end to sing the final chorus! It was totally as epic as it sounds.

 (Yes that’s me, as stoked as anyone’s ever been in their life, because Will gave me a drum stick and let me play his crash cymbal!)

One Sentence Backstory: Before they were Ten Miles Wide, ¾ of these dudes went by The Mothership and they put out a couple of stellar releases.

Bright Side of Dim” is one of those releases. It was actually the first album Jolene gave me when I started helping her with Loud and Local back in the day, because that was her barometer of what awesome Seattle music sounds like. This is the album with the aforevideoed “Piranha Piñata” on it.

The album also has a slower, moodier, totally awesome song called “Easy Way Out” on it. I was stoked when Jamie Burton Chamberlin of Black Dahlia Films announced he’d be making a video for it because Jamie has an awesome style that I thought would fit the song perfectly. Needless to say, I was right…

One thing I really love about this (besides the song itself and aesthetics of the video) is how it’s a song from an album that came out in 2014 and we’re just now getting a video for it!

Inspiration struck, so Jamie hit up Johndus and they got together to create this beautiful piece of art. Just a couple of Seattle’s creative powerhouses joining forces on a Wednesday night in September. Pretty epic stuff, even by this town’s standards!

This is all a result of Jamie, who has worked with ZZ Top, Duff McKagan, Metal Church and other huge names, being a man driven by passion for local music. (He was in the front row with me Friday night at the show!)

He doesn’t care if a song is 3 years old, if he has a cool idea for a video, he’s gonna make that damn video!

It’s almost like when he shot the video for “The More I Run” by Windowpane without even telling the band first. He was just inspired, so he went out, made it, then showed it to the band after the fact! Here’s that one to refresh your memory:

And just for sh**s and giggles, since I'm in the video sharing spirit... One time I was driving around the Olympic Peninsula checking out waterfalls and stuff. I had an advance copy of The Gross by Ten Miles Wide that I listened to a gazillion times, and had inspiration strike for a video I ended up putting together to help promote their album release show last summer:

It looks downright silly next to Jamie's work, but I had a good time making it!

Cheers and long live local music. See you at a show soon!

Matt Koch