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Marilyn Manson Releases Statement After Bringing Fake Gun Onstage

A new bassist was also revealed

November 7, 2017

Marilyn Manson has made a career out of being shocking, controversial, and outrageous, and his recent performance at San Bernardino, CA was no exception.

Manson, who was being wheeled around in a wheelchair after a stage prop broke his leg, held a fake assault rifle (with a microphone attached) and fired off fake rounds into the audience while singing "We Know Where You F**king Live."

The shock fell on the same day that a mass shooter killed dozens in a church outside San Antonio, Texas. Additionally, Manson’s controversial stage moment occurred in the same town where 14 people were killed by a mass shooting in December 2015.

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Manson issued a statement yesterday (November 6) in which he defended his actions. He explained to Variety that the rifle prop was used to bring attention to not only the abundance of readily accessible semi-automatic weapons but also our society’s normalization of seeing them. Manson continued that he meant no disrespect and has empathy for those affected by gun violence.

You can read Manson’s full statement here

Also during the controversial Ozzfest Meets Knotfest performance, Marilyn Manson revealed a new bassist, The Mars Volta’s Juan Alderete.