5 AWESOME Instagram Accounts to Follow for Fitness and Nutrition Advice!

February 23, 2018

This week’s Down With the Fitness Vlog is titled "STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS!"


As I mentioned, the vlog was inspired by scrolling through Instagram and seeing some awesome posts from Luka Hocevar and Dr John Rusin. Here they are:

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Luka and Dr. Rusin are great people to follow.

This got me thinking I should share a few of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow for awesome fitness ideas! After all, my goal is to help as many Rockaholics take control of their fitness and nutrition, not be the sole source of content for you!

Max Shank: The man is a genius and a big inspiration behind my mission of making working out FUN! Here he takes a piece of paper and turns it into a full body workout that takes some serious focus!

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KaisaFit: Speaking of making fitness FUN... Kaisa has as much of it anyone, as evidenced by her ever-present smile. Here she takes a PNW lake-front park (anyone recognize it?) and turns it into a gym!

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Carter Good: He’s got an inspiring weight-loss story and his feed is loaded with actionable nutrition advice based on self-love and sustainable, real-world application!

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Hopefully seeing these 5 in your feed will give you creative, practical ways to consistently work out and eat healthier! :)

If you've got any questions/comments/success stories/struggles, feel free to come join the Down With The Fitness Facebook Group

Have Fun, Do Your Best, and Take Great Care!

Matt Koch