5 Practical Ways To Make Time For The Gym

Plus, a bonus tip that will help you actually DO them!

January 16, 2019

Thanks for checking out Down with the Fitness, a daily guide to help you improve your health, and your life, in manageable steps!

Today’s #WeightRoomWednesday is all about making time for the gym. Here’s a list of 5 ways, because the internet loves lists:

  1. Use a calendar. Digital or physical, whichever you prefer. Schedule the gym in and treat it like a doctor appointment.
  2. Set reminders. Once again, digital or physical. Bright orange sticky notes are tough to ignore.
  3. Have a quicker workout option planned in case you don’t have the time you scheduled.
  4. Check out these body weight exercises by upper body, lower body, core, OR any of these flow sequences that also require zero equipment, in case you truly can’t make it to the gym. You're welcome.
  5. Remind yourself that workout time is also time to listen to Hatebreed and Pantera. (***My Personal Favorite***)

Those could all be good, practical options for you… IF you want it bad enough. A lot of people don’t stop to consider WHY they even want to get fitter in the first place.

Clearly identifying your “why” is the best thing you can do for long-term consistency. You have full control over it. There are no wrong answers.

I’d encourage you to think about it honestly and positively. Unsolicited societal pressure and self-loathing are the most common “whys” behind failed attempts, hands down.

An authentic, inspiring “why” will make you a lot more likely to prioritize your gym time each day, regardless of the logistics you use to keep yourself on-track.

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Matt Koch