5 Tips to Make Eating Fruits and Vegetables More Awesome

They're good for you. Get good at eating them.

March 12, 2019

Today’s #NutritionTipTuesday may seem obvious. Yet as a nutrition coach, I can tell you most people do not get their fruits and veggies on a regular basis. Do I even need to explain why they’re good for you? I mean, we all heard it growing up, right? Seems a little unnecessary since I’ve literally never regretted eating a fruit or vegetable, but here’s my quick Top 5 Awesome Things About eating fruits and vegetables:

  1. They taste delicious. At least, the ones I eat taste great to me. That’s all the matters.
  2. Eating them doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy other tasty stuff like candy and cheeseburgers! The fruits and veggies actually help me feel full so I eat less of those. It’s much easier on me mentally to focus on adding those than trying to avoid the candy aisle. (Which is actually every checkout line everywhere.)
  3. They make very convenient snacks. (In some cases it’s smart to cut ‘em up ahead of time and keep them in tupperware on the top shelf of the fridge.)
  4. When I eat veggies without ranch it's fun to refer to it as “raw doggin’ it”
  5. I get to feel like I’m sticking it to the proverbial man when I go to the Farmer’s Market on Sunday.

On that note, allow me to give YOU 5 Tips to Make Eating Fruits and Vegetables More Awesome:

  1. Start with the ones you like, and will eat. Take a piece of paper and write down your 3 favorite fruits and your 3 favorite vegetables. Done? Cool, now you have a shopping list!
  2. Focus on adding fruits and veggies to your day, instead of trying to subtract and avoid the less-healthy stuff. That will happen on it’s own and you can save yourself some sanity!
  3. Cut up things like bell peppers, celery, and cucumbers ahead of time and keep them in tupperware on the top shelf of the fridge. I could’ve included broccoli and carrots here, but some fancy folks pay extra for those to already be snackable!
  4. Get some yogurt-based ranch dressing (in the refrigerated dressing section by the bagged salads) for your veggies! It’s delicious and like a quarter of the calories of regular ranch. In case you’re wondering, no I don’t f*** with healthier swaps that sacrifice flavor. This one's worth it. Unless you like raw doggin'!
  5. As you get the hang of number 1, which number 2 will help with, you can add variety by trying to eat the colors of the rainbow and/or by experimenting with things that are in season- which are often on sale, too! Man, if only I linked you to a place where those are listed by season AND a place where those are listed by food.

You may have noticed the first three are roughly the same for both of us. That’s because they’re really helpful, important, and worth repeating. The second two are personal. On my list, just random thoughts about why I love fruits and veggies. On your list, a couple “pro-tips” I’ve picked up over the years of eating them and helping others do the same. Hope they help you too!

As for how much of each, the answer is probably "more". A good goal is 5 servings the size of your fist per day. That's total, not each. Do you think you'd have a lot of room to overeat junk if you're getting 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day?

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Matt Koch