55 Mobility Drills to Help You Feel and Move Better

Just bookmark this page now, and take 'em one at a time!

February 4, 2019

Today’s #MobilityMonday video has 55 new mobility drills to help you move better in the gym, and feel better outside of it!

This may look overwhelming (overwhelmingly awesome to a fitness nerd like me who understands the importance of this kinda stuff!) so I’d recommend simply picking 1 per day and playing around with it. That’s almost TWO MONTHS of a brand new mobility drill to experiment with each day! Just do exactly what you're already doing every day, and add one of these in. That's a tiny investment for the payoff!

By the end of those two months you’ll be a mobility wizard with an impressive arsenal of moves you can implement based on your needs and enjoyment. You may end up with 3-5 of your favorites becoming your regular routine. Maybe you have so much fun that you develop 2 or 3 of those routines, or just mix it up every day... I don’t know your life. I can’t predict the future. I just know there’s a lot of options here, and they're all going to end well:

Most of these will target one of three commonly-tight areas: the hips, the back, and the shoulders; Cossacks, Bent Over T-Spine Rotations, and Blackburns are my top 3 staples in those areas, respectively. They are all simple and very effective.

On the more complex side of things, I just tried the Hip Pull to Round the World Lateral Lunge for the first time and loved it! I'm sure I'll be doing more of those in the future. I’m excited to try the Squat Walkout + Spiderman to Reaching Crab too. It looks so fun!

Whatever you decide, stay in control and keep your movements smooth. I’d recommend doing 3-5 rounds of 5-10 reps for the more challenging ones, or 10-15 reps for the more manageable ones. Those are simply starting points though, so feel free to adjust.

Huge thanks to Coach Theo over at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance in Renton for this!! He is one of the top coaches I recommend you follow on Instagram. He gets to hang out with Coach Luka from Vigor (whom I’ve recommended you follow in the past) so of course he knows his stuff!

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Have fun and do your best,

Matt Koch