The Better Your Body Moves, The Better Your Body Feels. Try This Out to Help with Both!

December 3, 2018

Happy Mobility Monday here at Down With The Fitness! Mobility is an awesome form of exercise that just makes you feel great, usually in the spine, shoulders, and/or hips. It may not get you super shredded (bro), but if that IS your goal, mobility will help you get there quicker and with less pain!

It is my humble-yet-emphatic opinion that EVERYONE should be doing some form of mobility training, especially in today’s world that’s full of bad posture (as I hunch over a keyboard typing this) and sitting for extended periods of time (once again, check). To that point, I use this particular sequence my clients in their 80's, my jacked 20-somethings that do pull ups and deadlift more than their bodyweight, and everyone in between!

Day 1: 5-Day Daily Durability Challenge • The health of your spine is key to the health of your whole body. About 80 percent of North Americans will experience back problems at some point. Most people attribute back pain to their low backs (lumbar spine) or necks (cervical spine), but often times a lack of mobility in the thoracic spine—the upper back—is actually the area that could provide a great amount of relief. • • This is your opportunity to nourish your spine, improve segmental mobility and energize you for your day! • • Day 1 Daily Durability Challenge: Spine Wake Up Series. • • Movement 1: Lateral Spinal Flexion Movement 2: Thoracic Curl to Bow & Arrow Movement 3: Half Side Spinal Rolls • Watch the video and perform 2 reps of each movement in a circuit for 5-minutes total. • • Be Entered To Win. • 1️⃣ In order to participate and get an entry, you need to sign up - LINK IN BIO 2️⃣ Take a video of you performing 1-round of the Spine Wake Up Series and POST it. - Get an entry.
3️⃣ Tag @moveolution in your post so we and connect - Get an entry.
4️⃣ Hashtag #dailydurability - Get an entry. 5️⃣ For every person you tag - Get and Entry for each person. • • ✅Also don’t forget to follow @moveolution and @dailydurability for 2 additional entries to win. • • Prizes. • ✅Hyperice Vibrating 2.0 Fitness Roller ($199 value) ✅ @hyperice Hypersphere Vibrating Massage Ball ($149 value) ✅Durability Box featuring Onnit New Mood, Onnit Shroom Immune, Onnit Melatonin, Four Sigmatic Sample Packs of Coffee Blends and Elixirs, Vital Protein Collagen Samples and more ($150 value) ✅30 + 30-Day Daily Durability Program ($45 value) ✅30 + 30-Day Daily Durability Program ($45 value) • • Don’t forget to check out today’s live stream! I’ll be offering a breakdown of each movement so you can safely and effectively rock out your challenge. • • Today I challenge @ashleighkast @melissajarquin @mytrainercarmen @natalie_higby @vincentherzog13 @melaniefrome @themvmtcoach @derekng84 @kettlebells.and.ketones #dailydurability #movebetter #restorebetter #jointhealth #spine #spinehealth

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Today’s drill comes courtesy of Sarah over at Moveloution and gets your spine moving in a bunch of directions. Your spine will like this and you will feel better afterwards. Especially if you find your back locked in one position for hours at a time, or lift lots of stuff at work or the gym. Well... That’s about 95% of the population (or more!), so this should be a popular post.

Have fun experimenting with these moves! Go slow enough to maintain control and just do your best, cuz you can always do your best.

Matt Koch