Check Out Rage Against The Machine's First Live Performance!

October 12, 2017

Hey Rockaholics! I've been having so much fun blogging that I figured I'd branch out into one not about fitness just for the f*** of it.

Well, maybe not just for the f*** of it…

A couple weeks ago I went to the High Dive to see Ten Miles Wide, Dirty Dirty, and Bad Magnet. Unfortunately because I was at an epic fitness conference all weekend, I missed Bad Magnet. When I got there a band I hadn’t heard before were kicking major ass…

Their name is Transit Method and they’re from Austin, Texas. 2/3 of the band is named Matt.

They made a lot of new fans that night with their energetic, frenetic sound that’s hard to exactly classify. It’s certainly rooted in and centered around punk, except they’re like, REALLY good at their instruments!

As Kevin Curtin of the Austin Chronicle put it (and yes  I copy-pasted this directly from their website, it’s a great summary): "Exactly 100 seconds into the video for Transit Method’s 'Parasight,' which finds the Jersey-bred/Austin-based heavies jamming in a rundown warehouse, a Motörhead-reminiscent riff unfolds into an epic, three-section breakdown/solo that recalls the instrumental explorations of Rush. Long live the power trio!"

Hopefully after watching that you understand why I thought they were worthy of some love before getting to the headliner of this blog, in much the same way they were worthy of some love before we got to Ten Miles Wide’s epic headlining set that Friday night.

You may have no idea how Rage Against The Machine fits into this though, haha…

So they get to the end of their last song and from the ashes of one of those big rock endings where the band’s making all the noises with their instruments and the crowd’s going wild, emerges that bass line from “Freedom” (about the 50:25 mark of the video below).

I’m standing in the back with my best friend Lance when I recognize it. Malcom from Jericho Hill blows past me as he runs up to the front row. Naturally I decide to join him, hopping and excitedly grabbing random people’s shoulders on my way through the sizable crowd.

As has happened multiple times, at multiples shows, for multiple bands, I find myself in the front row with my arm around Malcom, screaming lyrics back at some awesome musicians. Hopefully loud enough for them to hear us through all that wattage on stage (and earplugs if they’re wearing them). Malcom rules.

Moments like that are why I do what I do. Sure I was getting over a cold, massively sleep-deprived from work and that fitness conference, but there’s no way in hell I was gonna miss Ten Miles Wide’s last show before they go into song-writing hibernation. I was rewarded by finding an awesome new band, and it was all worth it before Ten Miles Wide even took the stage (which was totally epic as usual).

The experience also reminded me of how much I’ve always loved Rage Against The Machine, which is what led me down this 500-word rabbit hole that hopefully you're still reading…

While I was head-banging with Malcom, I randomly remembered how Rage Against the Machine’s first show is totally epic and I should share it with you.

Then I was like, “oh sh** Facebook’s algorithm won’t circulate YouTube videos that well and I want this to reach as many people as possible so I’ll need to put it on a blog post with a catchy, dare I say, click-baity (but for a good cause cuz you just got introduced to rad a new band) headline… Might as well talk about what a fun night I'm having and show these bands some love while I'm at it!”

So here we are. Almost 2 weeks later; almost 26 years after Rage’s first ever performance at Cal State Northridge. Fun fact: that’s also the school where my parents met.

No Cal State Northridge, no Rage Against The Machine.

No Cal State Northridge, no Matt Koch to show you Rage Against The Machine’s first ever performance at Cal State Northridge:

That was a fun tangent, thanks for making it this far. Peace. Back to Fitness soon!