Down With The Fitness Makes It's TV Debut on King 5!

August 8, 2018

I went on TV for the first time yesterday! I showed viewers of New Day NW on King 5 some of the exercises I've covered on this blog already.

Specifically, we went over squats, lunges, push ups, and W's.

Check it out:

You can probably tell by my writing style in those blogs, that keeping things to 6 minutes was a little tricky, because I've got A LOT to say about fitness.

I'll save my tangents for future blogs, but what it boils down to is what I led off the segment with, and have stated multiple times here: exercise isn't about punishing yourself for how you look or what you ate; it's an opportunity to appreciate, explore, and improve your already-totally-miraculous body.

The benefits of it are further-reaching than you could ever imagine. Shoot... I was on TV yesterday because I decided to set my fear of failure and judgment aside 7+ years ago, when I first started going to the gym!

I believe people still need to hear this message, so I appreciate New Day NW (specifically their awesome producer Su!) for allowing me to use their platform to continue spreading it.

Fun-fact: My friend Josh who was demonstrating just started working out with me in the last 2 months and has already developed TV-ready form! He's also way taller than me so those exercises are even more difficult thanks to leverage and gravity. (Nice work dude! Thanks for doing that!)

There's no way either of us could have seen this fun opportunity coming 3 months ago, when we were in Amsterdam talking about how awesome life is and what our futures could possibly hold! Haha, oh man, what a trip that was... Can't get into everything here but I'll share some stories and insights next blog (a new exercise too!)

Take Great Care,

Matt Koch