Down With The Fitness: Van Eps Takeover!

August 8, 2017

This week instead of writing a blog about exercise, I’m going to leave you to keep practicing your squats, planks, and push ups on your own so I can tell you how awesome the new Van Eps album is!

There are 3 reasons for this:

1. Those 3 exercises can get you RIPPED on their own if you make them appropriately difficult for your current fitness level, and do a metric sh**ton of them. There’s plenty of time for variety once you have discipline. Build discipline with some effective-ass exercises.

2. More importantly, this new Van Eps album is just so f***ing good I felt compelled to crank out a whole post on it instead of just slamming one of the songs in Recomended Listening. (Also, I have no idea which song I'd even pick for that cuz they're all so awesome!) It comes out this Friday night at The Croc... They’re playing with some of my other favorites: Devils Hunt Me Down (also releasing an EP!), Ten Miles Wide, and prog-master supremes OMNI. I can’t begin to describe how lucky we are in Seattle to have this much talent on one bill. Take advantage of it. Get tickets here

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3. It’s my blog I’ll do what I want. Fitness shouldn’t be your whole life, it should be a part of your life. If you live in Seattle, local music should be a big part of your life too- and Van Eps shows you exactly why with this album.

If youve been following KISW for awhile, you may know Van Eps from Live Day, or the first ever RedFest. I was first introduced to them by Jolene when I'd help her with Loud and Local as one of THE bands in Seattle to see live!

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The first thing you’ll notice about this album is that all the song titles are just one word. I don’t know if this was intentional or just a coinci… OH MY GOD GUYS!


… then that f***er asked me to pick one!! WTF dude?!? Did you not read the parenthesis in point #2 above?? How you gonna put together such an epic album from top to bottom then make me pick ONE?? You wanna know how I feel about that...

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Before I pick, let me just remind you that the album comes out this Friday, August 11th at the Crocodile. Get there and get yourself a copy cuz this thing is a monster all the way through! It does a phenomenal job capturing their live energy and sound that have made them the undisputed kings of feel-good party rock in Seattle.

Cool. So I have eliminated one from contention... It will not be Blood. Blood is a total ripper, but it is the first song on the album and really sets the tone for the whole thing. I want everyone to experience it for the first time knowing more is the way, not give you musical blue balls.

It’s like when I play Welcome to the Jungle on the radio. Love the song, kinda can’t stand playing it on the radio.  I’m sorry to all the other awesome bands whose songs I play after it, but that song just sounds better leading into Its So Easy and the rest of Appetite.

Yes I just subconsciously went on that GNR tangent to buy more time to figure out what the hell song I’m gonna have him unlock on bandcamp so I can embed it here…

I’m realizing that as I’m writing this and listening to the album on repeat I just want to keep debuting the song I’m currently listening to because they’re all so awesome. Albums like this make me hate the term “favorite”.

I think it was The Gross by Ten Miles Wide (who will be at The Croc with Van Eps this Friday!) which first helped me come up with an answer to “what’s your favorite song on the album?” And my answer is always “the one I’m currently listening to!” That’s how I feel listening to this.

Yes I just subconsciously went on that Ten Miles Wide tangent to buy more time to figure out what the hell song I’m gonna have him unlock on bandcamp so I can embed it here…

Goddammit. Alright you know what, I've got more stuff to say about this album, and I had a great time singing along with “Market” when they played an epic secret show at Slim’s last night for Rhiannon’s 21st birthday party, so we’re going with “Market”! Check it out here:

This song is presumably about Pike Place but who knows… Matt is a classy dude, maybe it’s one of the many local farmer’s markets we have. I doubt it’s a big corporate grocery store. I remember my friends growing up calling Ralph’s (LA’s version of QFC) the “market”, but if you’re an adult doing that in 2017, you’re an ass. Cut it out. It’s a store.

The message here is simple: chicks dig markets like I dig the riffs/drums/chorus chantability of this song.

So far I've used the term "album" 11 times, which I'm a little conflicted on. It's seven songs and under a half hour. I don't know what to call it. I never knew how the whole EP/LP/Album thing breaks down. Maybe I should cuz I work in radio. Maybe I could Google it... Maybe I don't care! All I know is this is a top-notch collection of songs that leaves you wanting more. I'm gonna keep calling it an album for the rest of this blog-turned-exclusive-debut.

Hopefully you're sufficiently pumped to add this album to your rotation when it comes out Friday at the Croc. And you should absolutely go to the show to pick it up. As if OMNI, Ten Miles Wide, AND Devils Hunt Me Down weren't reason enough, let me wax about how on-top-of-their-game Van Eps are.

I've seen these guys live a lot of times and they always put on a fun performance that gets the crowd moving in a hurry! Sunday night at Slim's they were on another level though. Maybe it was Matt's therapeutic release after a loooong day, maybe it was the excitement of the new batch of songs they're about to unleash on the world, maybe it was the special occasion of honoring their friend Joel by playing his daughter's 21st birthday party... Whatever it was, there was a palpable energy and excitement you could tell they were feeling, and the crowd was too!

Bobby is always so fun to watch on bass; I would describe his playing as smooth and tight, just like... Nevermind.

Jake has sweet hair, long arms, AND sings! What more could you want form a drummer??

Sunday night more than ever, I kept finding myself straight mesmerized by Brad's precise playing. Dude has some serious skills and just makes it look so effortless! 

I think Matt has always been a great lyricist, but he's really taken his voice to a whole new level on this record. He has as much fun as anyone on stage and that energy is contagious if you're lucky enough to be in the crowd... SO GET YOUR ASS TO THE CROC FRIDAY AND GRAB A COPY OF THIS RECORD (AND DEVILS HUNT ME DOWN'S NEW EP!)!

Practice those squats, planks, and push ups! More exercise next week.