Duff McKagan's Loaded Reunited for a Special Event Friday Night

September 10, 2018

What’s up Rockaholics! Hope you had an awesome weekend.

Friday night, Slim’s Last Chance Saloon celebrated their 10 year anniversary in spectacular fashion... There was chili. There was rock n roll. And there were thousands of dollars raised for R.E.S.T, which is a local organization aiming to help offer a Real Escape from the Sex Trade.

The words their acronym stands for, tell you all you need to know about the very important work they’re doing. You can donate to this cause by going to their Facebook page above.

Many of those dollars were raised thanks to generous Rockaholics, who were incentivized with one-of-a-kind memorabilia donated by the one and only Duff McKagan… There were custom guitar straps, posters signed by GNR, and one his basses(!), auctioned off for the cause!

He didn’t just bring the goods. He also brought the entertainment for the night, as Loaded played their first show in over 3 years for this special event!

It’s always fun to see a band reunite for the first time in awhile, especially when they aren’t “kicking off the rust” the whole time! No surprise there, though. These dudes are total pros and they sounded great all night.

A lot has changed since I first went to Slim’s over 6 years ago. (Hey, I’ve been going to this legendary local establishment for over half its existence. Cool!) One thing that hasn’t changed is going to see one of Duff’s bands and raising money for awesome charities.

Back on August 17, 2012 I was excited for my first time going to this place that Jolene talked about so fondly (the only seal of approval I need), to see Walking Papers make their debut, and raise money for The Heroes Project.

The outdoor stage with planes flying behind it was just too cool. I love airplanes.

I remember thinking that I was going to see Duff, Mike McCready, and Barrett Martin that day... I did see all them play, but on the way home I was like, “WOW! Turns out I was actually going to watch Jeff Angell for the first time, and just didn’t know it.” Holy stage presence, Batman!!

These days Walking Papers’ live unit has reshuffled (Jeff no longer plays guitar but is still a hell of front man- as you probably noticed at #Pain2018); there’s a highly-practical roof above that stage; and I have a man-crush on ANOTHER one of Duff’s bandmates named Jeff.

Hobosexual, who was one of the other incredible bands on the bill, went from having two total members to five, including three total GUITARISTS! They have really grown into their beefed-up sound and made the most of the new additions.

Perhaps the best change over these past 6+ years, though, is the fact that the owners of Slim’s are now also the owners of the LAND Slim’s sits on! This happened back in May and is great news as our beloved city “booms” and “redefines itself” before our very eyes. Developers be damned. We’ll always have a place for great chili and rock n roll in Georgetown. Long live Slim’s.

Here’s to 10+ more!