December 9, 2017

Hey Friends,

Your weekend is about to get way awesome-r! I’ve got a VERY special song to debut for you. “The Owl” is by my favorite band, Devils Hunt Me Down. I can call them my favorite band because all my other favorite bands say the same thing about them. (At least locally. I'm sure if Royal Blood or Papa Emeritus heard them, they'd agree too!)

I’ve got a lot to say about this song but first, I want you to form your own opinion.

Before you listen, you should know the backstory. It was written one year ago to the day. December 9, 2016. It was exactly a decade in the making.

11 years ago today, Matt’s older sister passed away from an opioid overdose.

He spent the next decade wrestling with the emotion and heartbreak of that tragic event. As a musician, he felt compelled to write a song about it, both to honor her and allow himself to heal.

10 years to the day after her passing, the words came to him. He awoke that morning and penned this chill-inducing masterpiece:



That’s the power of music (and awesomeness of Devils Hunt Me Down) on full display right there!

This is the part where I get really excited to break down all the things I love about it. It feels weird being as enthusiastic as I am about a song with this type of subject matter.

I do not want to experience this excitement. I’d much rather Matt have his sister. Unfortunately we are where we are, and in this reality, the best way for me (and you) to honor her is to simply enjoy the f*** out of this tribute to her!

Frankly, it's an odd experience to sing along to those words and be as filled with the joy and happiness I get when I hear a song of this magnitude. While it's odd, it's also incredibly powerful to be a part of. That joy and happiness is now a part of her legacy. Well done, Matt. I know she’s stoked on that!

I also wanted to make sure to include this link to the Washington State Recovery Help Line (866.789.1511) in case you or someone you love is dealing with an opiate addiction. It’s a vicious monster, but people can and do come back from it. Reach out.

When I heard about this song, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I figured it’d be powerful and beautiful lyrically (check and check), but I wasn’t quite sure what the musical vibe would be given the subject matter.

Like Devils Hunt Me Down was just gonna abandon their signature Cascadian Dirt Rock sound to write an emo ballad about losing a loved one? F*** no! This is some serious sh**! They doubled down on their epic original sound, and put together a true masterpiece.

I love how the layers come in at the beginning. Starting with Matt’s 12-string guitar running through a bass rig, then Callum's drums just start pumping. Heads are bobbing, the stage is set for Ian and Chris to come in over the top and get your whole body grooving... Dancebang initiated.

I also love the punk rock ending, and the way it sorta pokes through the bridge like an untimely middle school boner. What’s going on here? Before we know it, that bridge is burnt the f*** down, sending us all into this chaotic wasteland of groove. Things are fast, no one knows which way is up anymore, and it sounds like Ian may be using a pick. WHAT?!?!

I cannot wait to be front row at High Dive Saturday December 16 when they unleash this beast LIVE for the first time! It's sure to be a powerful, cathartic experience. I hope for your sake you’re able to join me. Tickets here.

Alright, time for me to stop babbling. This is the part where you listen to the song a bunch, pre-order the album here, and get your tickets for Saturday. See you there!

Matt Koch