Get "Pumped" For #Pain2018 with this 15 Minute Workout!

August 22, 2018

Welcome to a very #Pain2018 edition of Down With The Fitness!

I’m super pumped for this weekend (no pun intended but now I’m totally going to use that in the title, as you’ll have realized by the time you read this), so I decided to combine some of the awesome music of #Pain2018, with some of my favorite exercises!

All my favorite exercises are super effective to build muscle, and burn fat. Luckily for you, I’ve already covered all the ones I used today, in past blogs. For the record, I still use all the exercises I’ve covered regularly. For myself and with clients.

I may get wordy as I try to leave you with a thorough enough level of understanding and inspiration to do these awesome exercises regularly; but when it comes to actual training, I don’t over-complicate this stuff. You don’t need to either. Master the basics and do them consistently.

One way to help with that consistency is finding ways to enjoy doing the same exercises over and over again. There are a lot of variables to play with in order to do this (many can be found here).

Today I picked 4 exercises and 4 songs by #Pain2018 bands. I put on one song, did as many reps of the corresponding exercises as I could with awesome form (resting as needed, based on feel), and moved onto the next song/exercise combo.

This can be done with any set of songs and exercises. I do stuff like this all the time at the gym. I’ve mentioned on this blog how into the music I get when I’m working out, and the stares I get as a result.

It’s a poweful energy exchange. The music fuels me, and in turn these songs have a tangible impact on my well-being. How cool is that?! (With the impact Lamb of God has had on my physique, I was so fired up when Willie got shredded and started rocking cutoffs on stage!)

So don’t worry about counting reps or timing your rest, just crank the tune up and do your best til it’s over!! Push yourself while maintaining solid form. Feel free to adjust the pace to match the tempo of the song- again, while maintaining solid form.

Here are the songs and exercises in the order I did them. Videos of each are embedded for your convenience. You can click the exercises name to go to its blog and get more specifics if needed. The actual exercise cues are usually down 1000+ words… :/

Dead Bugs

Pair these with my favorite song from Saturday's headliners, Alice in Chains!



I thought these would go good with some Walking Papers. 100 squats with no rest later, I'm not sure if I was right or wrong!


Push Ups

You knew I was gonna include Lamb of God, right?? Push Ups were the obvious choice. Aggression meets aggression and the end result is happiness when you blast (possibly) my favorite song by them:


Reverse Lunges

It's hard to pick a favorite #Pain2018 band. I'm not gonna do it. I'm just gonna say, make sure you get there early Saturday for Bruiser Brody. And do some reverse lunges to them in the meantime!


Let me know what you think of this workout in the private Down With The Fitness Facebook Group. See you at #Pain2018!

Matt Koch