How to Find Your "Next Level" of Fitness in 2019...

December 27, 2018

(This post is not about my awesome pants. Please don't make it about my awesome pants.)

New Years is less than a week away. Whether you start on January 1st or any of the other 364 days, you have an opportunity to take your fitness to the next level in 2019! I feel like terms like “next level” get thrown around a bit in fitness marketing.

I encourage you to find the next level, and keep climbing. I just also want you to be real honest of what level you are at, and what that next level looks like for you. It seems like everyone thinks there’s 10 levels, when in reality there are more like 1000.

This is the prime time of year for people to try and jump from a 3 to a 6 on the scale with 10 levels. When you make that 300 to 600 on a 1000-level scale, you can focus on making a 1/1000th improvement every day and be at 665 by the end of the year, instead of trying to jump 1/10th of the way to your destination!

Of course in the first example, most people are also trying to make the 3-6 jump by the end of January. Even with the most perfect approach for you, executed perfectly, that’s not gonna happen. Throw in the fact that attempting that jump in that timeframe is likely going to involve an extreme approach that is going to be very hard for someone just starting out to execute perfectly, and you can see why the internet claims 92% of resolutions fail.

I know, I know, last week I said it was only 80% of resolutions, where’d this 92% number come from? Are internet statistics not reliable any more?? ;) It doesn’t matter. What matters is the end of 2019, not the end of January. That’s exactly why I broke down how to break down levels. Speaking of breakdowns, how sick is the 2:21 mark on this Hatebreed gym staple??:

In 2018, I helped someone lose 56 pounds. This was done with small, consistent improvements and that process is exactly why he feels so confident in how to keep the weight off this time (well, he’s gonna lose some more first, but he knows what to do there too). It’s been straightforward stuff that people tell him sounds “too simple” or that “they already know”, but don’t do.

In 2019, I’ll be posting regularly and help you through specifics (bookmark this so your health isn’t left to the mercy of social media algorithms!) but for today, just clear your mind of extreme fads and quick fixes. Instead fill it with good hard looks at the simple “obvious” stuff you know but don’t do. If you want to actually start doing that stuff, sweet. You can get a head start! Otherwise, I’ll be here going over (mostly) simple specifics and harping on their importance. Looking forward to it.

Here’s to finding a bunch of next levels in 2019!

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Matt Koch

P.S. How awesome are my pants??